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About AW Touchpoint

Enabling healthcare providers to perform telemedicine consults anywhere, safely and conveniently – from any mobile device.

For Patients:

No more driving to the doctor or sitting in waiting rooms. With Amwell Touchpoint, you can connect with your medical providers to help you feel better faster.

Your provider will send a request to connect with you for a video consultation. You simply tap your invitation link to go straight into your video call with the Touchpoint app. No login is required for users accessing this video call functionality.

For Providers:

For providers with a health system login, Amwell Touchpoint app provides the ability to:\

* Launch secure, HIPAA-compliant video consultations using Amwell Connect
* Receive automated notifications when new cases are assigned
* Review case details and the patient’s medical history

The Amwell Touchpoint mobile app is a component of our comprehensive telehealth suite that enables:

* Video calling, including both simple SMS/email guest invites to patients at home as well as controlling video endpoints within the hospital.
* Coordination across multiple point-of-care locations and service lines with secure messaging and case workflow
* Automation of alerts and escalations
* Integration with EHR and IT systems to minimize disruptions to workflow
* Act as a video and phone dialer with Epic Haiku/Canto.
* Active monitoring of point-of-care devices

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Amwell Touchpoint?

Amwell Touchpoint is a mobile app that allows healthcare providers to conduct telemedicine consultations from any mobile device.

How does Amwell Touchpoint benefit patients?

Amwell Touchpoint eliminates the need for patients to drive to the doctor or wait in waiting rooms. They can connect with their medical providers through the app for video consultations, making it more convenient and faster to receive medical assistance.

How does the video consultation process work for patients?

Patients receive a request from their provider to connect for a video consultation. They can directly access the video call by tapping the invitation link in the Touchpoint app, without the need for a login.

What features does Amwell Touchpoint offer for healthcare providers?

Amwell Touchpoint provides healthcare providers with the ability to launch secure and compliant video consultations, receive automated notifications for new cases, and review patient's medical history and case details.

How does Amwell Touchpoint integrate with healthcare systems?

Amwell Touchpoint integrates with EHR and IT systems, minimizing disruptions to workflow. It also acts as a video and phone dialer with Epic Haiku/Canto and allows for active monitoring of point-of-care devices.

What are the capabilities of Amwell Touchpoint's telehealth suite?

Amwell Touchpoint's telehealth suite includes video calling for patients, coordination across multiple point-of-care locations, secure messaging and case workflow, automation of alerts and escalations, and integration with EHR and IT systems.
It's awesome and easy to use
Carol Coyle
Virtual visit with my regular Nurse Practitioner about an ear infection... much easier than going in to get the same meds and response!!!
Beth Londer
Works well.
Christine Zangari
Crystal clear
Sam Wilkinsn
I like the app it's very useful, But... I have to uninstall it every time i use it because it keeps running in the background... Can you do something about that? Thank you 4 a great app!
LeAnne Kline
Have not used yet. But easy to ascertain.
Pamela Giles