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About Avalon Meta - App for Learning Skills Online

Traditional universities focus on rote learning and train you for a world that no longer exists. Introducing the world’s first-ever Digital University, to revolutionize the way you learn.

Avalon Meta is an alternative online education platform that teaches you skills relevant to the present-day world, to help you develop the tools & mindset you need for building great careers.

Experts across various disciplines help you learn, mentor you and transform your career prospects. What’s more? Avalon Meta is not all-work-and-no-play. It’s designed to make sure you enjoy the process, by giving you a gamified learning experience.

Key Highlights:

■ Access content that rivals the syllabi of the best colleges in the world
■ Learn from real-world experts of the day, become highly primed for great career opportunities
■ Build your own team and get matched with a personal mentor
■ Stay active on the app, compete with other Meta Teams, score Meta Points and increase your chances of landing a great placement
■ Be a part of the Avalon Army - your direct ticket to experienced mentors, peers and loads of career growth opportunities
■ Connect with fellow learners and stay up-to-date on discussions, via bulletin boards & discussion threads
■ Earn digital drops, win battlecups and even become a premium Avalonian with a Meta Pass


■ Live and scheduled classes

Practical, up-to-date syllabus and content that rivals the best colleges across the world. Each of these digital skills makes you highly employable and relevant to the real world.
Taught by entertaining experts and teachers who make learning fun again!

■ Alumni Network – The Avalon Army

The key to a successful online learning community is an environment rich with experienced Alumni and students helping each other out.
The Avalon Army - a non-geographically bound community, is a game-changer in this regard.
Access it to tap into various opportunities such as jobs, networking privileges, funding and more.

■ Bulletin Boards and Discussions

Bulletin boards are a personalized social feed for expert insights, experiences, opportunities, referrals, networking and more.

■ Mentorships

Avalon Meta allows every single learner to be matched with a personal mentor. Mentors guide you along the way and help you overcome hurdles. With enough progress, a learner can become a mentor too, restarting the virtuous cycle.

■ Meta Points

An all-new activity-based GPA system that grades you depending on your activity on the platform. Learn, share and discuss your knowledge on the platform and get rewarded with Meta points that increase your likelihood of getting placed.
Technology has evolved. Resumes? Not so much. Show the world what you’ve got!

■ Fests, Competitions, and Battlecups (Coming Soon)

Avalon Meta has incorporated the concept of fests and Battlecups, where the best students can compete online on a variety of educational tasks.

■ Simulators (Coming Soon)

An array of multiplayer custom games and market simulators that help refine your skills while keeping it fun!

■ Offline Events (Coming Soon)

All our Battlecups end in a year-end, India-wide conference where the leaderboard competes in a variety of competitions live for a grand prize. With top CEOs, industry leaders, VCs, and press under one roof, the only goal is to have fun and get ahead!

■ Inventory and Drops (Coming Soon)

Earn digital drops, with tiers ranging from common to ultra-rare after every episode, valuable comment, thread or Battlecup victory.
Trade with others or sell your items on the trading market for real money!

■ MetaPass (Coming Soon)

MetaPass is a premium offering that lets anyone be a part of Avalon Meta with higher stakes. From better item drops, custom skins, unlimited mentorships and access to the trading store where you can use your hard-earned inventory to make real money in a Blockchain-based auction market.

Download the app, start learning and enjoy the perks of being an Avalonian.

Best app for learning skills.
Gaurav Singh Mehra
Samuel Rohan
Best app to learn new skills.
pruthviraj jadhav