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CPS Test (Clicks per second) is a gaming app specialized in developing, and improving user's clicking speed.

Anybody can improve their clicks per second even they are not an expert in clicking. Don't worry if you are not an expert! By playing this more than once, you will become a fan of this game. Simultaneously it will lead you the way to becoming an expert.

The cps test is very popularly known as a click per second game and where everyone can take the challenge to click more than an actual user's average clicking speed.

How to use CPS Test?
1. Start from the beginning: CPS Test is an app any android user can download from the official Google Play Store.
2. Selecting Timer: Open and app, select any of the timers from 1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and more. By default, it has been set to 5 seconds.
3. Start Clicking: Now, you can start the test by start clicking on the clicking panel. Thus, you start clicking your timer to get started. You can check your time remaining above the panel.
4. Result: As soon as you finished your test, you will receive your result with a stunning popup that includes your rank and score.

• Free to use: It is 100% free for every gamer out there. You can take as many tests as you want for practice and play.
• Click Speed Challenge: You can take the challenge and score much as possible and once, you are ready with the highest score, you can challenge your gaming community.
• Share Result: Share your result by taking a snapshot, and you can post it on your social profile.

What is the fastest cps score?
Feel free to try more and more and achieve the best score results. According to Google big data, the world record for cps test is 14.1 cps.

What is technoblade?
The techno blade has improved a lot in cps score since 2019. Now, he gets around 9-11 cps.

What is jitter clicking?
A jitter clicking is nothing but a clicking technique, where users just not only use their fingers strength, but also he uses all strength and vibration of his arm to click as fast as he can.

What is a good cps score?
It is a good cps when it is scored above the average. And, the average person can click 3 - 6 clicks per second. So, if you can click above the average cps, then congratulations! You are good at the cps test.

How can I improve my cps score?
Your cps score can be improved when you practice every day. So, buckle up and take this test every day just for 5 minutes, it will definitely improve your cps score.

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Densy T,David
Nice app 👍
Akshay Kapse
I like it it will count your clicks you can also search in google cps test
Really like this app. It helps me to improve for rythm games.