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About Aurora Alerts - Northern Lights forecast

Aurora Alerts is an app designed to monitor real-time auroral activity and push alert to let you know if there may be aurora borealis (northern lights) visible tonight. Whenever you are home or away, Aurora Alerts will notify you if the possibility of seeing the northern lights exists.

Main features:
- short-term aurora forecast for next hour with weather conditions and moon Illumination
- long-term aurora forecast for the next 3 days with weather conditions
- long-term northern lights forecast for the next 27 days
- show probability to see Northern Lights based on your or custom location
- current auroral activity (based on observed and predicted Kp Indices from U.S. Air Force Weather Agency)
- weather forecast to check visibility conditions before planning to see northern lights
- solar wind data directly from the NASA satellite (wind speed, Bz, Bt and density)
- unlike many other apps, it uses the local time instead of UTC

- when northern lights may be visible at current or custom location at the horizon or overhead
- Kp index reaches chosen value
- solar wind data reach chosen values
- you can filter out alerts based on time of the day

Boost your chances of viewing the northern lights!

App works great!
Phillip Golden
It says northern lights are over but it cloudy so I have never seen them
Scott MacPherson
I just installed it on another device, and everything shows south pole and southern ocean. Don't know what my phone was doing. Apologies for error.
Keith Bainbridge