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About AT&T Workforce Manager

The AT&T Workforce Manager is a cost-effective cloud-based business platform that’s all-in-one solution for managing employees on the go. Companies of any size or industry will have the ability to build a solution to fit specific business needs.

Stay in the know with the AT&T Workforce Manager. The application allows for businesses to know the location of mobile workers, send out work order information to employees, create easier dispatching, and allow users to clock in and out from the field.

Mobilize business with the AT&T Workforce Manager features:
•Mobile Forms
•Job Order Dispatching
- Event Based GPS Location Reporting
- Intelligent Tracking

Timekeeping: Improve accountability and flexibility in a mobile workforce with timekeeping. This feature allows employees to clock in and out from a mobile handset or tablet. All time punches are viewed on one screen and can be viewed on a timeline in a user’s history. Employee activity is compiled into a report and available to integrate with timesheets. An added feature also allows employee activity to be viewed on a map.

Mobile Forms: Enhance efficiency by replacing paper forms with electronic versions. These wireless forms augment the existing paper versions and are sent directly to employees’ mobile devices. Photo Capture, and E-mails used for digital receipts all contribute to making it easier to exchange information. There are prebuilt forms in the AT&T Workforce Manager that are industry specific available for use and businesses can customize the forms or build forms from scratch.

Job Order Dispatching: With job order dispatching within the AT&T Workforce Manager productivity is heightened for users. Businesses create and dispatch work orders to employees in the field. Generate new orders for deliveries, service calls, or any other type of task. Work order information is available instantly and sent to the mobile employee’s phone or tablet. Dispatchers can send information out, closely track the progress of mobile personnel, and manage workloads in real time. The feature is customizable, powerful, and streamlines daily tasks for faster billing.

Event Based GPS Tracking: Optimize your workflow process with event-based tracking. This unique way of submitting documents allows management to monitor all field task activities and data entries in near real-time via a web dashboard. Improve accountability by keeping track of mobile employee’s location with each completed task.

The AT&T Workforce Manager comes with several add-on services that further enhance the solution:

• Intelligent Tracking (continuous GPS tracking)

Contact your AT&T Sales Rep for assistance with adding Workforce Manager services to your AT&T account!

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Getting better with every update!!
Works great
Patrick Pamiroyan
Great customization features and a powerful tool for collecting field data from large groups over wide areas
Ranger Mints