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About Vietnamese Conversation

Learn to speak Vietnamese easily and effectively with daily conversation dialogs.
Lessons are prepared in hundreds of daily topics help you to get familiar with native speaking and pronunciation.

Learn to speak Vietnamese through hundred of real-life conversation dialog is the most effective way to learn Vietnamese. Emphasize listening, the app helps you to improve your listening skill, pronunciation, know how to ask and answer in daily talking.

You don’t need to be online to use this app. That’s it. It helps you to save your energy on learning not worrying about wifi connecting.

With the added-in dictionary, just tapping on a new word to see the definition - which is defined in simple Vietnamese - We think it’s the best way to help you build up your vocabulary.

The app is designed with a question in mind - How to help users quickly open the lesson and no need to constantly keep the app open. Just tap the Play button and exit the app, turn off the screen, and focus on listening. So it is very useful for you to learn when you are driving.

Therefore help you save a lot of your time to do other important things in life. For example, play with your kids.




Take a glance on some topic:

- Greeting people
- Asking people for information
- A drink to friendship
- How to ask for food.
- Talking about a health issue
- How to end a conversation
- Asking a girl to go out for a drink

*Update History:


Update version 2.2: Add more conversations
- Expressing concern for someone
- Expressing joy for someone
- Complimenting someone's clothes
- Talk about leisure activities
- Talk about sport, favorite movies, and kinds of music
- Invite someone to a movie

Update version 2.3:
- Improve stop/play: Resume playing instead of starting at the beginning.
- Add a new button: Allow to replay back 5 seconds.
- Add more conversations:
+ Sharing news and information
+ Receiving visitors
+ Waiting for an invitation

Update version 2.4:
- Fix bugs make the app crashed sometime.
- Add more conversations:
+ Accepting/Decline the invitation
+ End conversation
+ Leavetaking

Update version 2.5:
- Fix bugs make the app crashed sometime.
- Add more conversations:
+ Meeting new students
+ Finding a classroom
+ Buying textbooks
+ Talking about a professor

Update version 2.6:
- Add more conversations:
+ making an appointment with Professor
+ Turning homework in late
+ Finding an error in your test score
+ Borrowing class notes
+ Grading policy

Update version 2.7:
- Add more conversations:
+ Discussing Your Grades with Your Professor
+ Talking to Professor about Being Absent
+ Talking to Professor about Leaving Early
+ Talking to a Counselor
+ Adding a Class
+ Where to Buy Lunch
+ Getting a Library Card
+ Returning Overdue Books
+ (...)

Update version 2.8:
- Add more conversations:
+ Applying for a Library Card
+ Applying for a Passport
+ Asking Questions at the Information Desk
+ Asking the Librarian for Assistance
+ Reserving a Book
+ Late Fee

Update version 2.9:
- Add more conversations:
+ Check out a video
+ Returning a book late
+ Using a computer
+ Using a copier

Update version 3.0
- Add more conversations
- Fix bugs
- Applying new design

Update version 3.1:
- Add more conversations

Update version 3.2:
- Add more conversations
- Fix crashing bugs

Update version 3.3: Fix 'right to left' issue in some device

Update version 3.4: Present Bookmark - Bookmark your favorite lesson and play the bookmarked list.

Version 4.2: Enable leaner to quickly lookup a new word with add-in dictionary

Version 4.3:
- Switch theme to a different mode (night mode, daylight mode,..)
- Better font size for reading
- Able to copy text

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