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About Baby Things List

Baby needs a lot of things!

But you will have no more boxes full of onesie all of the same size. Now, you will know at any time what your baby really need.

Create your list of clothes, with the desired quantities per size and your list of objects per categories.
For each clothing or object, you can choose if you need it urgently or not: you need it really soon or you can wait for Christmas or the Sales? Finally note all your shopping, gifts and loan to always know what is in the baby's closet.

Need list: Find with one click the list of all your urgent and less urgent needs.

Lent or offered: found in a wink all that you have been offered or lent, and even the list of things you lent (and to who!).

Birth list: write down the items that are on your list of birth to differentiate urgent needs of those that can wait.

Suitcase maternity: quickly find all the items you noted as needing to be in the suitcase birth and those who are in the maternal stay suitcase.

Import / Export: export your data to a backup or to share the contents of your closet with someone else.

Here we go for a new organization!