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About AT-ZONE. Geofence sharing and management service

AT-ZONE is a geofencing social network of the next generation.
Connect with your contacts via geofence zones. Simply define a zone on the map and invite your contacts to share their location within this zone. Whenever you or some contact, who has accepted your invitation, enter or leave the defined zone, you and every other member will be notified about it. You can create multiple zones for different purposes and invite contacts in each zone by same interests.
None of the zone members knows your exact GPS location in the zone, only the time at which you last entered or left the defined zone. This allows you to define a geofence zone for an entire city, e.g. New York and invite your friends to share this zone. If they accept, each of you will know if any of you entered the city. There is no information about exactly where the member of the zone is in the city or from which direction the zone was entered and leaved. Members of one zone will not see the status of members from your other zones, only from zones in which they have accepted membership. So, your privacy is still safe! Each member can stop sharing their location for some or all of the zones at any time.
You can use AT-ZONE to share geofence zones with your family members. For home, work, study, hobby or grandparents – create zones and share them with all your loved ones. This way you will always be aware that your child has safely reached school, home or somewhere else. You will know when your partner left work and you can ask her or him to drive to the market on the way home. You don't have to call everyone to let them know you are home, you, and they will receive an automatic notification as soon as you enter the home zone.
Each member of a geofence zone can decide whether they want to share their information about their presence in the zone with all members, only with zone administrators, or with nobody. In this way, AT-ZONE can be used for business purposes. For some companies, business trips and external assignments are part of the daily routine. To keep you from losing control of your company, create a zone for your office area and share it with all your employees. When they accept an invitation to the work zone, each of them and you will be notified when they enter or leave work. When they are not at work, then you have no further information on where they are.
Use a secure group chat for each of your geofence zones to communicate with zone members. You can announce an appointment in a zone or share photos with other zone members.
AT-ZONE cannot be used as stalkerware or spyware as you will always be notified when an update is sent to our servers. All calculations for the exact GPS location are done directly on your device. We do not know, receive, track, monitor, store or share your exact GPS location with third parties. We only receive and store information about when you have left or entered one of your zones. You can decide at any time to stop sharing some or all of the geofences with some or all of the members.
For further information see our website: or contact us at: [email protected]

You made my day! Now I share GYM-zone with my friends and motivate them to come in and work out when I'm there))
Sonya White