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About Go2bus

Online transport on the map and always up to date schedule (find your city in the list below)

The Go2bas team works directly with the city's dispatch services (DPC) and collects data on the location of the transport from the servers every 15 seconds so that you are always aware of the situation in the city.

Using our application you can:
- go to the time to stop
- do not freeze in the winter while waiting for the minibus
- find out which bus is better to ride
- see the crowding of trams (maybe this is an accident or a power outage) and choose another transport
- add routes to your favorites and see only their location
- select all types of transport at once or disable unnecessary ones and save traffic on the phone
- find your location via GPS and find the nearest bus (check if the function is turned on and the application has access)

The application is still in the stage of open beta testing, we will be glad to read your wishes for improvement - send letters to [email protected] or in the feedback section in the application itself, with love from team Go2bus.

If there is no transport on the map, inconsistencies or lack of transport schedules in the application, please contact the organization responsible for dispatching routes in your city, because the application displays information entered by dispatchers.

Available for cities: (abbreviations for search convenience)
Kaliningrad / viburnum / KLG
 Rostov-on-Don / Rostov-nd / Rostov-on-Don
 Kemerovo / kmr / by whom
 Gorno-Altaysk / Altaysk / g-Altaysk
 Birobidzhan / Bira
 Magadan / Mage
 Komsomolsk-on-Amur / Komsomolsk
 Khabarovsk / Khabar / Khbr
 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk / Sakhalinsk / Sakh

Primorsky Krai:
 Vladivostok / Vladik
 Ussuriysk / Ussur

Kamchatka Krai:
 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky / Kamchatka
 Yelizovo and Yelizovo district

Amurskaya Oblast:

 Irkutsk region:
 Usolye-Siberian / Usolye

ATTENTION! Continued use of GPS in the background significantly reduces battery life.

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