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About LokiCraft: Creative Survival

LokiCraft: Creative Survival is an unlimited Game World you can do whatever freedom you want, explore the world whenever and wherever.

Start building creative modes like building houses, castles, plantations, gardens with unlimited resources like LokiCraft, CraftMaster, or dig deeper into the infinite world of crafting with survival mode.

You can do it now or with your friends and it's free to play for anyone in this simple world crafting game, the same as World Crafting Exploration.

Features of the CraftLegend game:
- Simple, and easy to play,
- Build and create anything with unlimited resources,
- Create your own houses, castles, villages and cities. Unleash your creativity,
- Take advantage of your creative mode,
- Many modes in this game,
- There are many other interesting things,
- Easy to play,
- Play offline mode.

Beware, When the night is there are monsters, just like craftsman then fight with them, and you will receive valuable resources as a reward! Be a skilled craftsman like kingcraft show the game world that you are very reliable in mastering the CraftLegend game. Explore a whole World of fun creation and building like Mine Craft, and discover every nook and cranny of the vast and exotic world. Decide on your own way of playing and have fun flying all over the amazing land made of cubes and blocks

Take advantage of perhaps other simple and fun building tools like Worldcraft and Blockcraft. Start with a small house, then use more blocks and cubes to make more houses and buildings and soon you will have your own village or town.

The app icon, screenshots and all content inside this app are Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY-SA)

sabrita Neupane
Very nice game if developer see this pls reply me pls
Aastha Mishra
It's a good game all same as Minecraft free minecraft good
Thanjei Kamei
Bxjbxikoajrqc9 d6vw8s7gs8sh8 dudbidussjtrip TeodjYbveijwoh7 ushuhs9j6he9hs5qby8y5 this game is good
Ramesh Akshat
Sunita Sharma
Wow I thought I found that game 😀😃😃😃😘❤😈
Prakash Karki