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About BibleThinker

You’ll learn to think biblically about everything and how to show others that Christianity is true. Hundreds of hours of video and audio content; all searchable, arranged by series and constantly updated. Everything is totally free with no in-app purchases or ads. BibleThinker is the teaching ministry of pastor Mike Winger as seen on YouTube, podcast and

Whether you are new to the Bible or a lifelong student you will find many hours of careful, clear and relevant teaching that will take you deep into the knowledge of God’s word and the truth of Christianity.

- Learn to apply the Bible to controversial issues in culture as well as the church unashamedly

- Learn defend the inspiration of the scripture and the resurrection of Christ

- Enjoy verse by verse studies through whole books of the Bible

- Get responses to popular skeptic and atheist attacks on Christianity

- Enjoy series playlists like Jesus in the Old Testament, Help for Jehovah’s Witnesses or Evidence for the Bible

- An in-app search feature allows you to find what you’re looking for

- Learn to think biblically about everything

Nice but it says server error everytime 😐
Mainframe Supertasker
love it. i love your work.
Negri Horedi
Pastor Mike is a biblically-sound and centered pastor. App is just icing on the cake. The Lord knows what these times need. Anyways, If it doesn't work (the app) , it's ok because he has youtube. 😉
Mario & Lauren Cortez