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About WaiverForever - Online Waivers

WaiverForever ( provides an efficient, secure, and unified tool for kiosk businesses to customize electronic waivers for paperless signing and storage.

WaiverForever converts piles of liability waivers into digital documents that can be electronically signed. By downloading the WaiverForever app, not only can you turn your iPhone and iPad into waiver signing stations, you can also keep your business organized in the cloud forever and streamline your business by better understanding your customers through data collected by WaiverForever.

Join us today—we have been working with mega kiosk business owners like you since 2010. Together, we can create a boom in your business, just a few minutes after signing up.

Key features:

- Turn your iPad and iPhone into digitized kiosk stations by locking them down on the waiver page.
- Safeguard your data in the cloud forever.
- Access your customers more easily with Auto Photo Capture, Diver License Scan, and Personalized Survey tools.
- Receive premium service at a budget price in the electronic waiver signing industry.
- Free user trials to test and fulfill basic needs.

How can WaiverForever help your business boom?

Envision digitizing the entire waiver process, from fully customizable waiver document creation to efficient instant organization and secure cloud storage.

1. Tailor documents to your business's needs within minutes: agreements, waivers, or other indemnity forms.
2. Permanent, reliable waiver storage system. Never worry about that stack of signed waivers again with our 24-hour automatic backup system that connects with the cloud.
3. Virtual organization of waiver documents. Declutter your business!
4. Instantly find any stored waiver by searching for a customer's name or the date. No more tiresome digging through piles of documents!
5. Personalized short survey for deep analysis of your customer data. Get insight into your clients!
6. Export users' personal data for future marketing campaigns, efficient transfer to Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, etc.
For further information or any questions, visit or contact customer service at [email protected] or 800-809-0720.

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Love this app nice way to keep my signature in one place
Michelle Walker
Awesome app very handy
Amy Harkins
Clodagh Mckenna
A huge time saver. No more paper. I'm relieved. Great app. Highly recommend for businesses.
Jessica Nuñez
I use this for my hot air balloon company and it's works very well
Max Moerles