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About ARHEVE - Library - Free Books

No need to search for classical literature on the Internet: the free ARHEVE app gives you access to tens of thousands of books, including not only works of art, but also journalism, scientific, and religious works by domestic and foreign authors.
The ARHEVE interface is simple and convenient: select the desired author from the list, then select one of their works, and you can start reading. The wide range of text settings makes reading in ARHEVE as comfortable as possible.

What is the difference from many similar online libraries and archives?

The simplest possible interface — with a concise responsive design adapted to work on any device.
No ads at all (except for ads about our own projects).
The ability to bulk download books for offline reading.
The language range — there are already libraries available in 9 languages in the first version.

Nice lib
Andriy S'omak
Отличная библиотека, удобный интерфейс, спасибо разработчикам, буду пользоваться!
Natasha Alimova