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About NowYouSee | A colorful world for the color blind

Simply put, it lets you see the world around you through a filter created precisely for your type of color blindness. You'll see details you hadn't notice before and you'll be able to take more interesting photos.

NowYouSee helps people with any form of color blindness, while helping everyone else understand their everyday troubles.

• Select from 6 correction filters (protanomaly, protanopia, deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, tritanomaly, tritanopia)
• Use 3 simulation filters to see the world through the eyes of people struggling with color blindness
Take photos with automatically adjusted colors
Real-time color conversion makes the whole process battery-friendly

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is NowYouSee?

NowYouSee is an app that allows color-blind individuals to see the world around them by applying a filter specific to their type of color blindness. It also helps others understand the challenges faced by color-blind individuals in their daily lives.

How does NowYouSee help people with color blindness?

NowYouSee offers 6 correction filters to accommodate different types of color blindness. It also provides 3 simulation filters to help users experience the world through the eyes of color-blind individuals. Additionally, the app automatically adjusts colors when taking photos to enhance the visual experience for color-blind users.

Is NowYouSee only designed for color-blind people?

No, NowYouSee is designed to help both color-blind individuals and those without color blindness. It allows color-blind users to see the world more clearly, while also aiding others in understanding the daily struggles faced by color-blind individuals.

How many correction filters are available in NowYouSee?

NowYouSee offers 6 correction filters specifically designed for different forms of color blindness. These filters include protanomaly, protanopia, deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, tritanomaly, and tritanopia.

Does NowYouSee have simulation filters?

Yes, NowYouSee includes 3 simulation filters that enable users to view the world as if they were struggling with color blindness. These filters offer a unique perspective and enhance empathy towards those with color vision deficiencies.

Can I take photos using NowYouSee?

Yes, NowYouSee allows users to take photos with automatically adjusted colors. This feature ensures that the colors captured in the images are enhanced for color-blind individuals, providing a richer visual experience.

Is NowYouSee battery-friendly?

Yes, NowYouSee utilizes real-time color conversion, which is designed to be battery-friendly. This means that the app consumes minimal power while providing its color correction and simulation features to ensure a smooth user experience without draining the device's battery quickly.
I helps me out a bunch with my job. wondering if there would be an update to help with yellow. I have issues with yellow/green led lights.
jarrod landahl
work ok
not colorblind
Describe to blind
Sundy Mackenzie
I use this for annoying graphs that use Red and Green.
Jared Yongyuth
I am a strong deutan and this app really works.
Harvey Manalang
Great for colourblind people like me to make out different colors
shame4 milk