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About Background Video📹Recorder Ultimate: Motion Detect

New, Google Drive supported!!!
A Complete Security Suite using only your phone.
Leave your phone to make the motion detection, check google drive or our dedicated website for recorded videos/images.

Background video recording + Motion detection + Long exposure + continuous image capturing.

"Big Red Button" - recording will start , now you can close the display. You can also use the volume buttons to start & stop the recording.

"Big Green Button" - motion detection will start. make sure that there is enough light.

"Big Orange Button" - Repetitive Image Capturing.

* Record videos in the background, while you use your phone.
* New - Android 11 support - including files bigger then 4 Giga!
* Widgets to start recording on front or back Camera.
* Motion detection in the background.
* Press "Volume" buttons to start/stop or restart recording.
* Record Video in the background while playing music from the same phone!!!
* Use the application "Big Red Button" to start or stop recording.
* Snapshots.
* Trimming.
* 4K+.
* lock screen to protect your privacy.
* mute shutter sound.
* Auto split video files.
* Share video directly from Gallery.
* Unlimited video duration.
* Zoom.

1. Background Motion Detection!!!
2. Preview before recording.
3. Start recording using the Volume buttons.
4. Capture high resolutions photos while recording.
5. Tablet support.

Important notices:
1. Follow our best practices to optimize the application reliability Video Tutorial :
2. Run the permission wizard to disable battery optimization (at the bottom of the Settings).
4. To see videos using your normal Gallery - Settings:Special features:unhide
5. We install 3 icons with 3 different features(you can delete 2 from the settings)

On Detection you can :
1. Capture images.
2. Sound notification.
3. Premium users can also record videos when motion detected

Languages: Hindi,German,Spanish,Portuguese,Ukrainian,Arabic and more.

Detailed "How to guides" you can find on our website:

Your Privacy matters:

How to check it your self and be sure that all of your videos stay local and not being uploaded

For any suggestions, questions or complaints - We will be happy to hear from you mailto:[email protected]

Important notices 2:
1. Do not open the camera on other apps while recording.
2. Long exposure creates low frame rate videos.
3. Android system stops the recording when the file size is more than 4 Giga.
4. Beta resolutions is not necessarily stable.

Most functions are free, Premium version includes:
1. no Ads.
2. Saving to the removable SD card.
3. Save Videos on motion detection (regular users can still capture images and activate alarm on motion detected).
4. Upload videos to Google Drive

To become a Premium user - press the "Buy Premium" button on the Main Menu(appears only on the second time you open the app).

Video recording following Motion detection tutorial:

BVR Ultimate - Best Practices for Motion detection on legacy devices

Xiaomi & Huawei special cases:

[User Guide]
+ Click the "Red Big Button"

* Camera permission/Record Audio : to record videos
* Write to external storage : saving those videos.
* Request to manage overlay permission : to display preview.
* Request to ignore battery optimization : prevent your phone from stopping our background service.
* Location (optional) - add location to the videos.

Background Video Recorder Ultimate is free, just install and Press the "Big Red Button".
If you like the app please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ . We will really appreciate it.

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It's a really fantawesome app.
Md Aslam
I really liked it
dhammiko dharmawan
stm.rubaseelan stmr