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About Arabic-English Dictionary

The Aratools Arabic-English Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary showing English translations of Modern Standard Arabic words. It handles a wide range of Arabic morphology and contains a rich and media friendly vocabulary. It is ideal for consumers of Arabic media sources or Arabic language learners.

Key features include:

Prefix and suffix morphology.
Shows POS and root information.
Over 80000 stems in dictionary.

Important: The application requires the use of Arabic separate keyboard input which must be installed or configured separately.

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Not sure if this is the app for you?

Was very helpful helping me solve some issues, best paid arabic English app
many more
Great resource! Would be better if they included examples with the words, but nothing is perfect!
Mark Yancey
Best Arabic English app out there. Hands down. Much thanks to the developer for keeping it up to date. I like that it does not require root letters, and can translate whole words directly
Hamza Khan