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About Auto Reply Call and & SMS lite | Quick Work

This app responds to incoming SMS and missed call automatically and is able to set a schedule to send SMS in future time. And it also can read out SMS in some supported languages. SMS forwarding and many more features are also available.

This App can be Installed and run 99% Mobile Device.

Automatically reply with preset SMS message for receiving SMS and missed calls when you are unable to answer (eg. Driving, In meeting, sleeping, busy , etc…).
(✔REPLY MESSAGE) Customizable auto-response SMS message for missed calls and SMS.
(✔WIDGET) One touch Auto-response ON/OFF widget.
(✔PROFILE) Able to setup multiple profiles for auto response.
(✔AUTO ON/OFF) Able to set Auto-response Turn-ON duration, no worry even if forget to turn off.
(✔SILENT MODE) Able to set Ringer Mode to silent mode during turn on and restore automatically after turn off.
(✔BATTERY EFFICIENT) Auto SMS will not drain battery during “OFF” or “not in Schedule Time”, which helps maintain your battery efficiency.

• Configure multiple automatic replies with personalized messages and keyword combinations for messages received on festivals and other occasions.
• Configure automatic response to calls and messages when you are unable to respond (eg. Driving, In meeting, sleeping, busy, etc.…).
• Receive call logs and messages on the pre-configured mobile number and/or email.
• View Message logs.
• One-click enabling and disabling of the Auto-response and Auto-reply feature.

*Other Features:
1) If same contact SMS/calls in again within 5 mins, only one Auto-response message is sent.
2) Option to prompt you to select Reply message from recently used message.
3) Able to set different message for SMS and incoming missed call.
4) Able to set “Reply Once” option for each scheduled session.
* More features coming soon

Our Mission: Humanity & Safety
TextAssured allows you the freedom from the distraction of your phone. It transforms it into an automated receptionist, which sends both customized and personalized text responses.

Security of Your Content:
TextAssured does not access any messages stored on your device and it does not access any incoming text message content. It only uses incoming notifications to access the sender number which is needed to send a reply.

Nice work App Of Next Version..
Mohammad ali