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About Panic Diary: A anxiety tracker app

The panic diary offers you a quick and uncomplicated option to track, sort and take a look back at your anxiety & panic attacks. It is a anxiety tracker, a mood tracker. The method of documentation is based on medical and psychotherapeutic documentation recommendations. Get to know yourself and your body better and learn to identify situations and circumstances that might trigger anxiety and panic.

The goal of the app is to better identify correlations between situations, conditions and circumstances and the occurrence of anxiety and/or panic attacks and make changes based on these findings that result in an improvement of anxiety and panic disorders.

You not only have the option of documenting multiple anxiety / panic attacks per day with a precise time and with varying strengths, you can also select the related physical symptoms, external circumstances, moods, working conditions, exercise activities, your duration of sleep and fluid intake by clicking a button, and you can add notes.

After saving your entries, you will see an overview of your day. You can retroactively make changes, take a closer look at individual entries, open 7-day overviews and switch to different calendar weeks and switch to the current day at the push of a button, request a weekly overview and a monthly overview with comprehensive and comprehensible diagrams and graphics and either leave them as they are on your smartphone or save them as a PDF or image and then print them.

Your privacy is important to us! The panic diary does not collect or store any of your personal data!

The Panic Diary offers you:
Standard version:
☆ free and no advertisements
☆ PIN-protected and encrypted
☆ Save up to 10 panic attacks per day
☆ Save your symptoms, mood, external circumstances, working conditions, exercise activities, how long you slept, your fluid intake and your personal notes.
☆ All entries can also be edited retroactively.
☆ Back up your diary locally on your cell phone.
☆ Compare your individual entries with each other to find similarities.
☆ Get to know yourself better.

Premium version:

In the premium version, you have additional access to the already available functions of the standard version:

★ Just activate once and get unlimited use of the diary.
★ Weekly/Monthly overview with comprehensible graphics and diagrams of the distribution of the strength of the panic attacks, number of panic attacks per day, the times of day at which the panic attacks occur, how long you slept, your fluid intake, your most frequent symptoms, your mood, the most frequent external circumstances, the working conditions, exercise activities.
★ You can save each individual graphic as a PDF on your device and you can immediately print each individual graphic.
★ Save your anxiety diary online in an encrypted format so you can transfer your diary to another device.
★ Import/Export your diary online with just one click.
★ All data are encrypted!






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Great app. I'm just curious how you can purchase the premium version? There doesn't seem to be a link or opt in. Thanks!
Samantha Kimura
This app is amazing! It helps me to understand why i have so much panic attacks. Thank you so much!!
Sab Weisee
This app is great I use it almost every day. I share screenshots with my doctor every day. Thank you so much for making this app
Angus Grier