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About inlingua flex-e-book

The flex-e-book is the smart digital supplement to your inlingua language course. It is no longer necessary to carry around heavy books when learning a language.

Advantages of the inlingua flex-e-book App:
- Train anywhere, anytime - without internet or mobile connection
- Customized learning units, based on your individual needs
- Integrated audios
- Interactive exercises with auto-correction

The flex-e-book app manages your inlingua multimedia learning content and puts all reading and listening texts together with interactive exercises in one place on your tablet and smartphone. Contact your inlingua Center for your tailor-made flex-e-book and download the free app on your iPad or tablet. With your unique code provided by the Center, you can download your specific flex-e-book to your device and study your individual language course material on the integrated e-book reader.

Read more about inlingua language training on our website:

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Megha Arora
We have been using the APP with our students for over 6 months now. Thirty five (35) students have given us very positive feedback. As an inlingua school, we highly recommend it. Users can save and check t...
Juan Palacio