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About Penguin Adventure - Jungle Run

About Penguin Adventure - Jungle Run Game

Penguin adventure is an amazing, exciting and FREE platform game. Penguin adventure platformer is a game in icey world. Play through multiple adventure and addictive challenging levels where penguin can make a long jump by keep the jump button pressed and escape the long pitfall. Can you complete all the levels?

Penguin can dodge the obstacles, slide under bridges and many more exciting obstacles in this Adventure of Penguin Run Game!

Penguin can slide, dash and jump in order to dodge saw, bullets and even cute animals such as birds and alien invaders! This exciting Penguin running game is full of fun and action packed environments.

Don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible as you jump and surf across platforms, slides and temples in this fun Penguin run simulator. Find new and exciting powerups in the snow and use them to help you reach the destination!

Remember your lives are decreasing every second so always collect and eat healthy fruits to stay alive and get more lives.

Penguin Adventure features :

☞ Best cartoonist graphics and sounds.
☞ 25+ Different levels with 3 different world and more coming soon.
☞ Different enemies and power ups.
☞ Support all display resolution.
☞ Unlock All Worlds
☞ Setting available for music & sound effects
☞ Eating fruits will keep you alive so keep collecting them to gain more lives and power.
☞ perform mario like jump on enemies to squeeze them and also it will help player to perform another jump while in the air.
☞ Collect stars to unlock another level

How to Play "Penguin Adventure - Jungle Run"

☞ Small Jump: Press jump button to perform small jump
☞ Long Jump: Press jump button for a long time to perform long jump
☞ Slide: Press down button to slide down the obstacles
☞ Shoot: Press "A" button to throw rocks on enemies

Penguin adventure - jungle run is one of the best adventure arcade game.