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About Progression Ear Trainer

This app is designed to be a one-stop shop for music students who need to practice recognizing chord progressions by ear. There are plenty of apps out there that teach this skill, but I haven't found any that have all of the features I built into this one. It is Here is a full list of features:

- Enable/Disable ANY chord in the given key/mode
- Test on progressions in major, minor, and all modes
- Change the amount of chords played
- Toggle inversions on and off
- Toggle seventh chords on and off
- Toggle transpositions on and off
- Looped playback
- Display all possible chords so the student can see the quality of each chord

- A "Practical Examples" portion where the user is tested on recognizing common chord progressions in over one hundred real musical contexts (three difficulties/genres)

- A theory lesson that breaks down how to construct and notate each type of chord, along with links to beginner friendly resources

- Insightful musical quotes that will expose you/your students to artists from a wide variety of genres - from Vladimir Horowitz to J Dilla

As simple as it can be, this app fits exactly my current needs. It's the only one which lets me practice chord recognition in the context of a key. It won't take you by the hand in a gamified and progressive...
Raul Cabral Fran├ža
This is a great app for learning and identifying chord progressions.
Ben McClanahan
Helpful for ear training!
Lemuel Wylie