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About App Lock - Screen Password

Fingerprint app password lock is supported by all phones who have fingerprint hardware and the marshmallow android version and if you don't have one then our fingerprint simulator enables simulated app lock support for any phone you have. Enable the simulator from settings and you can simulate the fingerprint app lock with PIN or pattern.

App lock is a must-have personal security app to secure your privacy and it supports fingerprint, password, or pattern lock. Applocker can lock apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and gallery.

Apps with passwords to prevent the apps from being exposed by snooper!

Fingerprint lock supported.
Lock apps with a password, pattern password safe with anyone.
The vault: Safe gallery vault, and private photo vault help to hide pictures and hide videos.
With the image vault & gallery lock, the app moves photos/videos to the secret vault by auto-deleting.
hidden images from the gallery wall after performing hide photos & hide videos.
A lot of beautiful password lock themes, and pattern lock screen themes.
Customized lock screen password theme for the app, make privacy screen with the style you wanted.
The app blocks settings automatically right after the app is opened on the first screen, helping to prevent someone uninstall the app.
Protect your emails, SMS, and call log.
Three securities private mode: lock apps with password lock, pattern lock, or DIY.
The keypad lock screen with passcode, DIY help you to make yourself a keypad lock screen, and pattern lock screen using your photo on the gallery.
Option to make an invisible pattern on unlock screen, people can not see your pattern lock screen while you are opening. Safer!
Easily to lock phone apps, and unlock phone apps easily from an app list with one click.
Explore more apps and the locker themes from the “More apps” feature.
Password manager & password keeper: password type between passcode, pattern, DIY, and reset the password by our password keeper via email.

Are you bored typing passwords and using patterns every time you unlock apps?

Now lock apps easily with the advanced feature of fingerprint app lock. Take the advantage of this latest app lock with a beautiful design and amazing features different from other app lockers. You have to scan your finger to unlock apps so only you can open your private and social applications. The intruders trying to hack your security will be caught by taking an instant selfie and saving it inside the app.

Lock only the apps you need to protect:
Choose what apps you want to protect on your phone or tablet! Thanks to our secure app lock technology, only you can unlock sensitive apps, like Gmail, your photo gallery, Facebook, and more. Lock apps with a pattern or a 4-digit code.
A fingerprint app lock feature is also available if your phone uses fingerprint recognition technology.

Flexible locking system:
You decide when your apps lock again: from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, or even after you turn off your screen. Our customizable app lock allows you to define your own desired levels of security!

Hide your notification:
Activate this feature on apps of your choice to prevent notifications from being seen by unwanted eyes! For example, if enabled for WhatsApp, you will still get notifications for incoming messages, but Bear lock will hide the content of the message so people around you can’t see it.

Advanced security:
For more privacy protection, enable advanced security options such as using an invisible pattern or a randomized keypad! This will prevent hovering eyes from glancing over at your security code.

AppLock also called fingerprint app lock or app locker uses a fingerprint that locks and protects apps using a password, pattern, or fingerprint.

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