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🏆 Flashlight LED MF PRO - High power HD torch Screenshot 0
🏆 Flashlight LED MF PRO - High power HD torch Screenshot 1
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About 🏆 Flashlight LED MF PRO - High power HD torch

For the magnetic compass to be displayed your device need to have a magnetic sensor.

Flashlight LED MF (multi-function) PRO is an ad free, powerful, quick & super bright flashlight app for Android with HD graphics, that - in addition to its high power torch LED flash light feature - has:

✔ Tactical strobe / blinking light
✔ SOS-signaling for emergency
✔ Magnetic compass (magnetometer sensor needed)
✔ Text to morse code signaling (international morse code, encodes the ISO basic latin alphabet)
✔ Signal lamp for manual morse code signaling
✔ Fast access home & lock screen widget.

In short: Not just a flashlight app!

Features in detail
• Uses the camera LED flash as light source (or the screen on devices without flash)
• Turns on the torch light instantly at app launch
• Has a fast access home & lock screen widget for turning on the light without launching the app (light stays on when the screen is turned off, or while other apps are used).
• Has tactical strobe / blinker mode for sending light signals (strobing) at adjustable speed
• Has emergency mode / SOS mode for sending SOS signals at adjustable speed
• Has a magnetic compass (both a small and a big one [magnetometer sensor needed])
• Has a morse translator (text-to-morse) with which you can write a text and send it off as light signals at adjustable speed
• Has a signal lamp with a international morse code alphabet chart that can be used to manually transmit morse code signals & get some morse training
• The screen can be used as source instead of the LED flash
• Has a timer to automatically turn off the flashlight after selected time limit passed
• Works on both tablets and phones
• Uses high resolution (HD) quality graphics
• All-purpose, professional & multi-functional. Useful for home use as well as for outdoor activities such as camping/hiking
• Without ads, no ads will be displayed, fully ad free
• ⚡ High power & as bright as they come :-). Simply the best & super bright, guaranteed!

Your device must have a magnetic sensor for the compass to work.
If no sensor is found the compass will be hidden.
You can check what sensors your device has here:


Compatible with most models from all well known manufactures such as
Samsung (e.g. galaxy)
Lenovo (e.g. vibe)
Motorola (e.g. moto Z)
LG (e.g. Optimus)
Huawei (e.g. P9 Lite)
OPPO (e.g. A1601)
Xiaomi (e.g. Redmi Note)
+ many more


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This is the brightest Flashlight in Android. ​You can illuminate the surroundings brightly in various scenes.




Flashlight is an easy, quick app which does not require extra memory and processor resources and is optimized for quick switch-on.

It works.
Travis Markz
Custom Rick
I don't have the compass unfortunately but still a very nice app.
scott greineder