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About NCRC - UC Merced

The National Conflict Resolution Center app for training initiatives on college campuses. Building on the significant strengths that are naturally present on higher education campuses and NCRC’s success in teaching people to communicate more effectively. NCRC’s interactive training modules focus on how to communicate more effectively on campus and in the world these modules have been loaded into the app for easy accessibility. Students, faculty, and staff first learn how to deal with personal conflict effectively, the foundation for additional learning. Exploration of their personal and cultural identities help students, faculty, and staff understand how these relate to their own communication style and assist them in gaining an appreciation of the identity of others. Students, faculty, and staff learn how these different styles can sometimes be the root of communication breakdown; and, most importantly, how they can learn to recognize when a communication breakdown is happening and do something about it, both interpersonally and when others are in conflict.

Our app features interactive tools with quick access to our training modules. View the Calendar for upcoming trainings and save them to your phones native calendar to receive event reminders. Share your experiences with us by sending us a photo in our Photo Submission section and much more.