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Night Light : Spa Ambience Screenshot 0
Night Light : Spa Ambience Screenshot 1

About Night Light : Spa Ambience

This application is a Salt lamp imitator also known as himalayan salt crystal ball.
Very beautiful and relaxing night light for making spa relaxing environment in the room with calming sounds of a nature for your choice will make your rest and relaxation amazing in the evenings.
also you can use this application like a night light for better sleep.

Of course this is not a real salt lamp and have no healing properties but it imitates the real lamp very good , looks like beutiful and has relaxing sounds , all you need to feel like you have a real one salt lamp.

I love this app , fall asleep to it every night and sleep like a baby.
Shane Richardson
very nice soft glow.
Rebbecca Bishop
Jesus christ holy cow its exactly what i expected it to be!😭😭😭
Andres Montenegro