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About Pigeon Sports Clock

Pigeon racing, a perfect form of sports has millions of fanciers across the globe. This Racing practise, a spirit of athleticism, friendly and wholesome competition.

Pigeon Sports Clock, a perfect technological innovation for the modern day fanciers to participate, enjoy the real spirit of pigeon racing. With the power of AIR , you can register & update your loft location. This app has a robust backend where the Racing admin will approve your loft location, Manage the pigeon fanciers. During the racing season, by leveraging this featured app, the fancier can upload the image of the bird at the time of arrival along with the latitude / longitude & timing details which is reflected and managed by the racing admin.

Without spending time on manual calculations and referee - man forces, this cool / interesting technological system helps in conducting pigeon race in a more efficient and scalable way. This app suits for small as well as huge associations and the user range could be 15-500. This app has the super capability to automatically calculate velocity and total time taken to complete the race, thus a faster way to publish the results that too in the app itself.

Want to upgrade your Pigeon association to the Next Big Level? Want to digitalize the pigeon racing process?

Here you GO! Download Pigeon Sports Clock!!

"This app uses the Device Administrator permission."