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About GoodPaws – Force Free Dog Training & Wellness!

GoodPaws is the next generation of Dog Training and Wellness! We provide you a 100% force-free training course based on your pup’s age, personality, and behavioral struggles as well as your home-life and lifestyle!

Our pick pitch!

At GoodPaws we believe our pups are more than just pets but members of our families! That is why the GoodPaws app is primarily focused around providing you the tools and resources to manage your dog in your home while building rock-solid life skills! By using our systematic training approach you will have the confidence to tackle any challenge and spend more meaningful time together!

GoodPaws is great for all dogs because training and mental enrichment are a lifelong process! Training & mental enrichment give your dog a “job” and allow them to express essential natural behaviors like searching for food and problem solving. This helps to manage their stress, anxiety, and reduces the likelihood of problem behaviors from forming!

Your dog’s easy to use course takes less than 15 mins to complete per day and is designed to be done daily, or several times a week! In the first month you will learn 20+ behaviors, and begin the process of training them to fluency! The same level of training costs over $1,200 with group classes & easily over $2,400 with a private trainer. Not convinced? Download the app and access the first 3 days for free!

What Makes GoodPaws special?

■ A Personalized Approach - Your curated training program removes the guesswork out of training your dog and provides you everything you need to teach your pup on a daily basis! All you need to do is log in, and start your course! It’s that easy!

■ Daily Enrichment Activities - Our daily activities give you an opportunity to learn more about your pup’s needs and play fun games that reinforce your training! Activities cover a variety of topics ranging from socialization exercises to games like “Gotcha” that help your pup feel comfortable having their collar grabbed.

■ Library and Resources - Finding trustworthy and quality information about dog training, problem prevention, and care can be hard! At GoodPaws we make it easy by providing you a full library of instructional videos, articles, and infographics addressing the most common behavioral problems and training topics!

■ Essential Behaviors - Today GoodPaws is primarily focused on providing you the essential behaviors necessary to living with and managing your pup in your environment! In the first month you will learn the basics of Name recognition, Attention (Eye Contact), Touch, Sit, Down, Stand, Come When Called, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Drop It, Follow a Hand Target, Wait, Settle, and Engage/Disengage!

■ Easy To Follow Videos - We know how valuable your time is and that is why all the videos are on average 2-3 minutes in length! We trim away the non-essential information many other programs are cluttered with and focus on teaching you the core training concepts you need to know!

■ GoodPaws Team - Our team is committed to creating the best dog training app on the planet! That means we will constantly be making updates to the app, creating new courses based on community feedback and building innovative features that allow users to have better relationships with their pets!

Other Features:

Easily toggle between video and text mode
Multiple options for teaching all behaviors
Closed-captioned videos
Built-in clicker you can access anywhere
Helpful training tips
Ability to add multiple dogs

Sign Up for the GoodPaws Subscription

1 month for $9.99
1 year for $99.99

For any open questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Terms of service:

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