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About Fight Forecaster MMA

Fight Forecaster MMA

Fight Forecaster is the best Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) prediction app loved by MMA fans. It’s a fight night companion app for the best sport in the world.
True MMA fans like to analyze fights, not pickem. Unlike other apps, we use a %-based system for making picks.
We know that MMA is hard to predict because it combines several martial arts like BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Muay Thai, etc...


%-based Scoring System

Unlike other apps that force you to choose one result, we allow you to predict MMA fights on a %-basis. The more % you give to the outcome that happens, the more you score.

Flexibility based on familiarity

We let MMA fans make picks for each event depending on how well they know the fighters. As fight fans we know there are too many fighters, fighting styles and stats for us to know all the time. Thus, you can make predictions on the fights depending on how well you know the fighters and how confident you are. We have three modes, named (1) Casual; (2) Fight Fan; and (3) Just Bleed.

Specific forecasts are rewarded

Users who make more specific forecasts are rewarded more than users who make general ones.
Users that choose Just Bleed forecasts and get those right are rewarded the most because Just Bleed requires you to be right on not just who will win and how they will win, but also the round, which makes it far tougher. Similarly, users who make Fight Fan predictions get more points than Casual predictions because Fight Fan requires you to get both who wins and the method right.

Underdog vs Fan Favorites

The Unpopular Opinion points measure how good your picks are compared to others. You get more points for making predictions that other fight fans get wrong. Going against the crowd and being right is a sports fans dream.

Global Leaderboard

Compare your Forecaster and Unpopular Opinion points with others on the Leaderboard. We have a leaderboard for every fight night.

Companion for Fight Nights

Invite your friends to compete in your own leagues or join existing ones to compete with other MMA fans.

1-Click Picks Share

You can share your picks for any UFC fight night or PPV with the MMA community with 1 click on Twitter/Reddit/FB/IG and on all other platforms.

Connecting Fight Fans Globally

Our users are from all around the world including US, UK, Canada, China, Mexico, Norway, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Serbia, Sweden.

Real-time Results Update

We update results in real-time. We cover all UFC Fight Nights and PPVs starting with the early prelims and prelims, till the main card. We also cover ONE FC.

(1) Casual: Pick the winner. E.g., In a fight between Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson, it’s 70% that Conor wins.

(2) Fight Fan: Pick the winner and method. E.g., In a fight between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, its 80% that Colby wins a decision and 20% that Jorge gets a knockout.

(3) Just Bleed: Pick the winner, method and round. E.g., In a fight between Sean O’Malley and Jose Aldo, its 35% that O’Malley wins in Rd 1, 35%in Rd 2 by KO and 30% that Aldo wins by decision.

Some popular fighters for whom fans make picks are Khabib, Justin Gaethje, Daniel Cormier, Stipe Miocic, Khamzat Chimaev, Chase Hooper, Francis Ngannou, Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya among many others.

Point scoring is shown on the app, with a table in the rules tab.

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Have fun playing Best MMA scoring game around!

Great app
Mvj Gvj
Great app developed by India's own Ashwin for mma fight picks. User friendly interface , innovative concept ; excellent app all around. Would recommend to every passionate mma fans 🙏🏻🔥
The Eagle
Excellent work Ashwin... Very fun experience using the app so far
Tejas Bhat