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About Cash More

Need cash urgently? Come and download Cash More!
Cash More is a simple, efficient and safe online personal loan application. Our goal is to provide everyone with a high-quality online loan service without collateral and guarantee to help everyone solve financial problems.
We provide all users with a variety of loan types and more flexible repayment methods. The application process is 100% online and does not require any mortgage or written documents. After the AI analysis, once you meet the application conditions and pass the approval, you can get a loan at any time, and the funds will be immediately transferred to your bank account.
Download Cash More now and experience a new way to loan!

Product information description:
1. Loan amount: ₹5000 to ₹20000, the specific loan amount is determined by application evaluation;
2. Loan term: the shortest 90 days, the longest 720 days;
3. Loan interest: depending on the loan amount, the annual interest rate is 5% to 10%;
4.Maximum annual percentage rate (APR):10%
5. Handling fee: 0
6. Review time: Low loan threshold, fast review and approval speed, approval and withdrawal within 24 hours, and the fastest time to reach the account is only 5 minutes!
7. No other hidden costs
If you get a loan of 20,000 rupees, the annual interest rate is 5.171%, and the loan period is 90 days:
Daily interest = ₹20000x 5.171% / 365 days = ₹2.83342
Total interest: ₹20000x 5.171% / 365 days x 90 days = ₹255.008
Daily repayment amount: 20,000 rupees / 90 days + 2.8328 rupees = 225.056 rupees
Total repayment: 20255 rupees

Example of monthly repayment:
If you use the same loan as the example above, and your repayment starts in January, your monthly repayment details are as follows:
January: 31 days*₹255.008 =₹7905.2
February: 28 days*₹255.008 =₹7140.2
March -> Repayment of all remaining principal and interest: ₹20255-₹7905.248-₹7140.224=₹5709.6

Loan eligibility:
1. Indian citizens
2. Over 18 years old
3.PAN card
4.Aadhaar card
5. Bank card of any bank

Why Cash More?
1. No credit history is required, all Indian citizens from all over India are eligible.
2.100% online loan application process, paperless and digital process on mobile phones, get 24 * 7 loan use rights anytime, anywhere.
3. Efficient review speed and low interest rates. You can make a decision within 24 hours after the review is passed, and the approved amount will be transferred to your bank account soon.
4. A variety of loan amount and loan time options, so that you do not have to repay the pressure.
5. Security, all transactions are protected by 256-bit SSL protection secure.

How it works?
1. Download the Cash More app from the Google Play store;
2. Register and log in with your mobile number;
3. Submit some basic personal information to verify your loan eligibility;
4. Wait patiently for approval, submit bank information and select the product you want to apply for;
5. After confirming the loan, wait for the cash to arrive.

Contact Us:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Address: Yashwant Place Commercial Complex Opposite Chanakyapuri Post Office, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110051

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You will know it after you have used it. It is really a very simple and practical software. You can try it if you are short of money. It is very convenient. I recommend it to everyone very seriously!
Baird Italia
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