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About Chrysler Jeep Radio Generator

Chrysler Jeep Radio Code Online Retrieval
Get the code for your Chrysler Jeep radio from the serial number.

How to get your radio code
Calculate the anti-theft code for your Chrysler Jeep radio online and without waits. All you need is the serial number you can find at the back of the metal box. The security code is required for the radio to work after a current interruption (battery change, burned fuse, etc.). If you don't find the radio code card and you don't want to lose time visiting a Jeep dealership, this is the perfect solution for you. You can retrieve the code online and in minutes.

Pt Cruiser
Grand Voyager
Grand Cherokee

Finding my serial number
To find the serial number you need to take out the radio from the console's centre. Depending on the car model, this process can be slightly different, but here you have an example Youtube guide. Once you have removed the unit, you can see a sticker on the top or side. Locate this normal above the bar code. This number always begins with the letter T or by A2C.



Radio code entry
Entering the radio code of your Chrysler Jeep can be confusing at first glance, but simple as long as you follow the instructions:

Assuming the first digit of the code is a 5, press the 1 button five times. If it were a 3 for example, three times.
Do the same with the second digit of the code, using the button number 2.
Repeat the process for the third and fourth digits and their respective buttons.
After making sure you see the correct code on the screen, press the "Enter" button (which is usually the round button) for several seconds.
The audio unit should start working normally, otherwise the code entered is not correct.

Reasons to unlock your code with us

Receive the code for your Chrysler radio within 5 minutes after the order.

Satisfaction guarantee
We assure you the correct code or the money back. Uncomplainingly.

Qualified support
We will help you as much as possible and more than a client, like a friend.

Competitive prices
Get music back in your Chrysler Jeep without costing you an arm and a leg.

Highly reviewed
More than 5000 customers have already given their opinion. Check our Trustpilot profile.

Safe payments
Don't risk unnecessarily. Pay safely with your Paypal account or Card.

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