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About Bible – KnowBible

How much the world would be transformed if humanity for the most part knew the Bible. To know the Bible for the salvation of the soul, for the sake of purity of heart, for the sake of clarity of mind, for the sake of a happy life hidden in the loving Lord God Jesus Christ, how incredibly important it is, but how neglected it is in our time. The words "Know" and "Νο" sound the same, but their meanings are radically different. It is very important to make the right choice between KnowBible and NoBible, because the consequences of that choice will affect your destiny. The KnowBible project was created to help make the right choice and urge people to turn to the Bible, to the Word of God, which opens a look at Christ, the only one able to save human souls from the harm of sin and death.

• MODERN DESIGN. The design is made in the most convenient and, at the same time, modern manner for the most comfortable and productive study of God's Word.

• HIGH PERFORMANCE. One of the main goals in the development process was to create a high performance application. Therefore, even on weak or old phones, it will work quickly.

• VARIOUS TRANSLATIONS WITHOUT INTERNET. The user is provided with various Bible translations that he can use without an Internet connection. You download the translations you need, and then use them even without the Internet. Over time, the number of Bible translations will constantly increase.

• DESCRIPTION TO EACH BOOK OF THE SCRIPTURE. In order for the reader to better understand the context and the main idea, basic information and an icon that depicts the main message are attached to each book.

• CONVENIENT FUNCTIONAL FOR WORKING WITH TEXT. For fruitful reading and study of the Bible, you are provided with convenient functionality that allows you to copy and share text, add notes to the text, highlight text with a variety of colors, change the font size, and also adjust the screen so that there is nothing distracting in addition to the text.

• CHANGE OF THEME. Changing the theme to your favorite one allows you to create an even more interesting and comfortable look of the application.

• QUICK SEARCH. Search in our application allows you to conveniently and quickly find the desired text. You can filter your search by Old or New Testament, or you can search the entire Bible at once. Even if the word or phrase you are looking for is mentioned in the Bible more than 1000 times, the search process will still not be delayed for more than a few seconds.

• DAILY VERSE. This function randomly finds and displays the texts of the Word of God. The very set of verses is selected by us so that any opened text has edifying content, and not just random information taken out of the context of the Bible.

• NOTES. You can write notes for a specific text or texts of the Bible, or simply write down your own thoughts or, for example, conspect of sermons.

• ARTICLES. Our application has a separate section "Articles". There will publish articles on a variety of topics based on a biblical worldview.

• ACCENT NOT ON READING, BUT ON STUDYING. Another of our primary goals is to create an application that will help you study the Bible so that a person can actually Know the Bible. We do not want to create another application for reading only, but we strive to ensure that every person using our application learns about the beauty of following Christ deeper and more.

• COMMUNITIES IN TELEGRAM AND INSTAGRAM. Our desire and aspiration is not to be limited only by the application, but to expand our ministry and, at the same time, to be always in touch with each other, to be one whole. Therefore, in addition to the application, we have created communities in Telegram and Instagram, where we can always be in touch.

• CONTINUOUS SUPPORT AND UPDATES. At this stage, our project is only at the beginning of the path, but we believe and hope that the Lord will help us constantly develop in our ministry. We also hope for your support.