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About Assistive Touch - Easy Touch

Assistive Touch for Android app provides the iOS like experience to Android users. Assistive Touch – Easy Touch application enables users to have customizable floating menu on their screen all the time with the options for their choosing.

Assistive Touch for Android offers easy to use and single tap shortcuts menu to its users to easily access different options and applications. Users can add options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flash light, screenshot, screen recording, enable/disable data along with list of favorite and frequently accessed applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, banking apps, crypto wallets, etc.

Assistive Touch – Easy Touch application is especially useful for the users who are cautious about the hardware buttons in the device. Such users don’t want to overdo the hardware buttons of the phone resulting in buttons malfunctioning. These users can install the Assistive Touch for Android app and perform common tasks like volume up, volume down, take screenshot, lock phone, etc using the Assistive Touch – Easy Touch floating menu.

The perfect candidates who would want to use Assistive Touch for Android are those people who have their phone’s hardware buttons stuck OR not working on being pressed. Such users can take advantage of Assistive Touch – Easy Touch shortcuts menu to do tasks the usually perform using hardware buttons.

Users who have lots of applications installed on their phones have a hard time finding and accessing their favorite applications. This problem of users can be solved by using the Assistive Touch for Android. Users simply need to add the apps they frequently access to their favorites list. After that, no matter where they are in their phone, whenever they need to open an application they just need to tap on the floating shortcuts menu and click the icon of their favorite app. Assistive Touch – Easy Touch would launch that app for the user instantly.

"This app uses the Device Administrator permission." This permission is used only for locking the device. When you press lock device button, you need to enable Administration before this feature can be used.

"This app uses Accessibility services”. This permission is used only to perform global actions like taking screenshot, going back, going home, opening recent, power dialog, notification etc. You need grant this permission to use these actions.

Major Features:
✓ Customizable icon for assistive touch floating button.
✓ Change background of assistive touch floating menu.
✓ Select settings shortcuts you want in the floating widget.
✓ Set up to 8 applications to your favorites apps list.

How to Use:
1) Open the application and allow Draw over other apps permission.
2) Change icon and background color if you want.
3) Select settings options you want in the menu.
4) Select applications you want in the favorites list.
5) Enable Assitive Touch for Android.

- This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
- This app uses Accessibility services for features like Screenshot, View Recent Apps, etc.
- CAMERA permission to turn on Flashlight, not take a photo.
- READ_PHONE_STATE permission to only listen to the state of phone to make app work properly.
- BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission only used for lock the screen function.
- We never publicly disclose any personal or sensitive user data related to financial or payment activities or any government identification numbers, photos and contacts, etc.

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