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Letter of Apology - Complete Guide How To Write an Apology Letter

Sometimes when you have made a bad choice, you must write a letter of apology. Where do you start?

What is an apology letter ?
• An apology admits that you know you did something wrong.
• It shows that you take responsibility for your own behavior.
• An apology does not make excuses for what you have done or blame others for the choices you made.
• An apology shows that you understand that you have harmed others by your actions.
• It shows that you feel regret for your actions.
• An apology explains how you will repair the harm you have caused.
• A good apology explains what you have done to change that will keep you from making the same bad choice again.
• An apology asks for forgiveness.

First of all, think about who are you writing the apology letter to.

Then answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Use complete sentences.
1. Explain in detail, what did you do that was wrong and why it is wrong?
2. How did you harm the person you are writing the apology letter to? (How have they suffered either directly or indirectly from physical, emotional, or financial harm as a result of your actions? Put yourself in the other person’s place. How might they have thought and felt?)
3. How do you feel about the harm you have caused to this person?
4. How do you plan to repair the harm you have caused to this person?
5. What have you learned from this experience? How have you changed your beliefs and attitudes so that you will not choose to do wrong again? Promise that you are committed to change.
6. Write at least one statement asking for forgiveness, and if appropriate, for an opportunity to prove yourself.

Since I make mistake overtime,, i dont know were to start to save those i offended, til dis app I see, so it is helpfull were to start the conversation, thanks developer for detailed and educational
roman Alboro
Nice idea! About letter subject
Mahesh Panchal
Renny Sinyangwe