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About APK Installer - APK Download 📲

We know how difficult it can be to find the best games and application in the Google Play Store, and for this we have created this application. APK Installer - Download APK is a powerful tool that will allow you to access the best games and applications on the market, so you can download and install them quickly and safely.

APK Installer - Download APK is the most convenient and fastest option to access the most complete Games and Applications market, directly from your Android device wherever you want. You will only need a device with a suitable IDE to operate in the gallery.

All contents are sorted by categories to offer a quick location. In addition, its powerful search engine guarantees the best results instantly.

These are some of its characteristics:

✔ī¸ - Search apk files
✔ī¸ - Download apk
✔ī¸ - Scan apk files from External Storage and SD Card
✔ī¸ - Show all apk files
✔ī¸ - APK Installer
✔ī¸ - Install apk files with one click
✔ī¸ - Delete apk files from external storage and SD card
✔ī¸ - Share apk files with your friends
✔ī¸ - Sort apk list by name, size, package, version, installed and not installed
✔ī¸ - Apk file status

This application is a gallery of games and application published in Google Play or Play Store. It only offers recommendations and descriptions with official download links. APK Download is not an alternative store to Google Play.

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