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About Easyplus Home Control

The Easyplus home control app gives you full control over a wide variety of home appliances at home or at another location. The auto discover tool detects all equipment in the house and adds this to your app. You will get an overview of all the rooms and their controls in a blink.
What can be controlled? Lights, dimmers, temperature, rolling shutters, curtains, power sockets, sprinklers, TV's, audio, doors, camera's and more.
On the "favorites page” the user can add his or her favorite controls providing easy and faster access.

There is also an integrated door access control system with camera and voice. If someone pushes the button at the door, your will receive a message and camera images. You can then decide to accept the call or to reject and to open the door.

Thanks for purchasing the ultimate home automation app which gives you full control and security from anywhere in the world. Enjoy it!