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About Teddy Bear Terror

WARNING: Parents - Teddy Bear Terror is not intended to be a kids game!

Evil blood thirsty teddy bears are on the march. You must destroy them before they destroy you!

Teddy Bear Terror is a clicker type game that strives to take the genre into a whole new level of absurdity. Built off of the tried and true Level Up RPG engine, Teddy Bear Terror forgoes many of the finer elements of RPG game play for straight up fast paced clicker game action, complete with gratuitous amounts of blood and explosions that make absolutely no sense in the context of the game.

Gameplay is dead simple. You just 'click' (tap) on the teddy bears as fast as you can and then watch them go boom. You gain valuable experience and coins with each teddy bear that you slaughter. When you've gained enough experience, you will level up. Keep on killing teddy bears and see how high you can level up! I promise that you will never run out of teddy bears to massacre. Meanwhile, you will be treated to elevator style music while you play, courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.

So whether you are looking to relieve stress, have a laugh, or just kill a few minutes while you are waiting in line somewhere, Teddy Bear Terror is the perfect game for you. And it's better than hitting an actual real life person (or teddy bear), because in Teddy Bear Terror, the only consequences come from your inner conscience!

So what are you waiting for? Slay teddy bears! Honor your ancestors! Get the girl! All is possible when you download Teddy Bear Terror today! Batteries not included.

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Horrifying. I cried And Screamed While Playing it.
It's me Kitty Cat rush but my second account and I just love this game so much! And you are my favorite game creator in the whole world!!!!, Literally THE WHOLE WORLD....!!
Kitty Cat Rush 2
Please keep developing apps!
K McNeely