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About Solitaire: Secret Legacy

Solitaire card games invite you to play solitaire with fun story chapters. The themes of love, family, heritage, and betrayal all come up in the journey of solitaire tripeaks.

You've arrived at Solitaire - Secret Legacy! Take part in the free Tripeaks Solitaire game designed specifically for online card game enthusiasts and experience an entirely new universe of Solitaire!

Solitaire Tripeaks is a challenging and enjoyable solitaire card game for players of all skill levels. Play fun card games online that will exercise your brain and keep you sharp, or relax while enjoying gorgeous solitaire design.

With Solitaire Secret, you'll have double the enjoyment as you go through your solitaire story, own streets, and receive rewards as you progress through the game. Progression through solitaire story to repair and construct the street of the character's dreams. Discover special story pieces that will allow you to personalize your home and stores!

Uncover the mystery of the story, find the murderer behind it, and get back the assets that belonged to Beth.

Help Beth renovate her father's store to its former splendor and complete challenging solitaire puzzles to collect items. As Beth interacts with a variety of characters, you'll be drawn into a mystery plot full of twists and turns. Start collecting gems and completing your makeover! Improve the various sections!

Solitaire secret is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself while engaging in a fun story of adventures and solving solitaire tripeaks problems. clear the cards of the solitaire deck and you’ll be rewarded with coins and boosters, plus diamonds to acquire.

Solitaire games feature:
· Log in to receive daily bonus prizes that will help you keep the solitaire game running.
· Solve the solitaire tripeaks puzzles to begin your solitaire adventures.
· Additional gifts can be obtained by spinning the Solitaire wheel.
· Complete the makeover of the whole area and receive tons of awards.
· Collect story pieces by playing the classic tripeaks solitaire levels to generate items to help renovate. Decorate and expand your areas with unique sections that tie into the story!
· Rebuild the areas and solve challenging puzzles with this relaxing and free solitaire game!
· Enjoy the story's plot twists and turns, as well as the secrets and mysteries that are revealed along the solitaire journey!

Do you enjoy playing solitaire card games? Play the best free TriPeaks Solitaire card game with your friends or players all over the world! Play this classic and brand new solitaire card game while constructing the old memory areas.

Bring your family and friends to Solitaire Secret Legacy today and join in on the solitaire tripeaks fun. Download this fun and relaxing solitaire game and discover what all the fuss is about with the card game!

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