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About Solved Question Papers Class 12th - Edin

Solved Question Paper Class 12th – Edin is the best app for preparing your entire board examination's syllabus.

The smartest way to boost your preparation and revise your entire syllabus for CBSE class 12 board examination is through this app that provides you the solved question papers of past 10 years, marking scheme, syllabus, videos & topper’s answer sheet issued by CBSE itself!

Solved Question Papers Class 12th- Edin is a free app with previous year’s board paper solutions for each basic subject in the curriculum of CBSE Board, Class 12th’s videos, marking scheme and syllabus etc.

CBSE's last year's topper's answer sheets provided in the app allows the students to analyze the topper centric approach for attempting board exams and help them score better marks.

This app allows you to stream CBSE solved question papers of the past 10 years, syllabus & marking scheme saved on our server and save the offline on your mobile device.

Solved Question Papers - Class 12th app covers all the basic Subjects for CBSE Board of Class 12, Commerce, Science and (Humanities) Arts stream.

Features of the App:
- Completely free.

- Detailed solutions for entire question papers of past 10 years.

- Video Lectures from your favorite Youtube Teachers.

- Question papers for all the basic subjects of Science, Commerce, Humanities (Arts).

- Actual revised and updated syllabus & marking scheme issued by CBSE for class 12th.

- Get FREE access to CBSE sample papers and solved question papers, no need of buying those expensive & heavy books.

- Get FREE access to NCERT Textbooks

- Get FREE access to lesson videos

- Class 12th: Previous 10 Years Solved Question Papers with quality answers as per CBSE board's word limit.

- Simply unique and very user-friendly presentation of Question Papers in the app.

- Get Maximum Marks with smart CBSE preparation: with Solved Question Papers - Class 12th app you understand the exam pattern and yearly trend which helps you to score maximum marks.

- Simple and Elegant UI.

- Class XII Subjects included:

Business Studies
Computer Science
Political Science
Physical Education

- One Solved Question Paper for each of the past 10 years (2009 -2018).

- Class 12th CBSE Syllabus & Marking Scheme.

- Study Material on the mobile phone.

- Video Lessons

- Quick Quiz

- Complete Textbooks

- Smart study guide.

- All three streams in one app.

- Answers as per the word limit nominal by CBSE Marking Scheme.

Solved Question Papers Class 12th - Edin app here is trying to give a sigh of relief to all CBSE Board Examination's students by providing some Previous Year's Question Papers with their solutions to help them provide a quick revision of their entire syllabus along with the updated marking scheme, syllabus & topper’s answer sheet.

CBSE repeats the same type of Questions in the exams over the years. It's a small effort by the developers to ease the board examination's pressure for students like you.

List of Subjects of Science Stream:

1. Biology
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Mathematics (Maths)
5. Computer Science
6. English
7. Physical Education

List of Subjects of Commerce Stream:

1. Accountancy
2. Economics
3. Business Studies
4. Mathematics (Maths)
5. English
6. Physical Education

List of Subjects of Arts Stream:

1. History
2. Geography
3. Economics
4. Hindi
5. English
6. Physical Education
7. Political Science

STUDY WITH Solved Question Papers Class 12th - Edin & SCORE AWESOME MARKS!

Sample Papers are revised and checked thoroughly, kindly report any error or omission, if found to the developer via mail.

"World Class, Quality Education. For one and for all." - Team Edin Academy


Super app it is help your study
prajwal prajwal
Best app in the whole study materials apps But update the app add the 2021 sylabus material
Attitude status
This is the best app 😘, I hope u add 2019 too
Rono Savio