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About Copy Paste - Clipboard Manager

CopyPaste - Clipboard Manager is the powerful clipboard Manager app for you. Upgrade your phone with this powerful but free Clipper app.

Q. First of, Is this free? How much should I need to pay to use this app?
A. App is completely free. Even for the premium features like using passphrase for securing texts, backing up and restoring data to Google Drive, Automatic pasting the texts and Multilingual features can be used without spending a penny. Instead, we have ads in the app but it would be bother you while using the app.

Q. How do I add texts in this app?
A. If you can copy texts from other apps, copy them. It will be automatically pasted in Copy Paste app. You can view them Under the CLIPBOARD bottom menu in the app. You can optionally disable the feature from the app setting as your preferences.

Q. Now, there are texts in CLIPBOARD menu at the bottom, what do I do?
A. Congratulations! These texts in the app are ready to be used as and when you need it. Single Click on any item, it gets automatically copied. Now you can paste that text where you need it. Or long press on the texts to get more options.

Q. I need to open Copy Paste app everytime I need to copy texts. Too much work!
A. we know it was hassle to open app every time. By default, when app is installed, a sticky notification should appear in notifications. Press < and > to view previous and next clipboards, press on the text to copy or press settings icon to open and app settings. You can configure the notification to show either last 10 clipboard texts or favorite texts.

Q. There are too many texts in my Clipboard tab. How to i manage it?
A. If you wish to manage the clipboard item, click on the star icon to favorite, and it should be moved to Favorite tab, second menu at the bottom. If you want to edit or delete it, long press on the text or press on the overflow menu with three dots to view actions to perform.

Q. Some of my clipboard texts are very personal to me. Can I make it secret?
A. Third tab in the app is for secrets. Create your passphrase. And start moving your Clipboard texts to Secret tab. :D

Q. I want to create my own texts as a notepad app. Is it possible?
A. Sure. If you are on Clipboard Tab, Click on the + FAB icon at the right bottom corner, Create a new text. Write your texts and save them!

Q. Are my texts are safe? How do I back it up and restore when I need it?
A. Data backup is crucial and we take it seriously. Open Settings tab (4th menu at the bottom menu), Under BackUp and Restore, Click on the Backup to Google Drive. Select your gmail address and Drive. All the texts will be backed up in this account. Do regular backup, so latest texts are safe. And when you need all the texts back in your app, use RESTORE FROM DRIVE to fetch all texts from Google Drive back to the app.
Eg. When you switch to new phone, Backup all your texts to Drive from old phone. In new phone, restore all your texts. Voila!

Q. My friend uses different language in Android? Is there multilingual support?
A. We have currently support for Four Language: English,Indonesian,Malay and Hindi. We’ll add support for more languages upon request. You can switch the default preferred language from the App Settings.

Q. Are you sure this is a free app?
A. 100%. Do us a favour, share with friends and family about this app. They might love it too!

Please feel free to send us constructive & helpful feedbacks about app at [email protected] Thank you.

I love this app save lots of time and it's easy to use
Nora Espinosa
This app is great.l love this app
Nadim Bhow