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About MyEffectiveness Habits - Goals, ToDos, Reminders

Thank you for using it.

Your to-do actions grouped by your life roles by your role goals.
Pomodoro to tackle procrastination.
Notes to write down your notes and thoughts.
Week planner to plan ahead.

You can use it to write your grocery list, shopping list, daily to do list, schedule tasks, define goals and mission statement, circle out distracting concerns.

To-do list can be broken down into projects, checklists and action tasks.
Todo actions have reminders and due dates for your to-dos so that you don’t miss them.
You can set recurrences to have repeating actions.

My Effectiveness helps you understand what to do, why you need to do it, and then do it.

The idea is:
1. Write what is your mission in life.
2. Write down what concerns you have and which ones you can influence - visualize them in the circles.
3. Define your roles. Look at your life from different points.
4. Set the goals you want to reach for each role. You can set long-term or short-term goals.
5. Define concrete steps - actions. You can have a single step actions, or you can define complex, multi-level project, or simple checklists.
6. Prioritize your actions using 2x2 matrix (a.k.a. Eisenhower matrix).
7. Assign tasks to weekdays (use weekly planning). Use recurrences and reminders.
8. Use Workodoro (pomodoro) to fight procrastination (when you need to).

+ Mission statement
+ Influences/concerns separation
+ Roles for context
+ Goal setting
+ Comprehensive action plan, put the tasks into Projects/Actions/Checklists
+ Set your priorities
+ Reminders and recurrences.
+ Weekly planner
+ Pomodoro
+ Notes
+ Backup to and restore from Google Drive™

If you have issues, feedback or a simple thought about the application that you want to share with us, we are very happy to get that. Please, send them to [email protected], or write them anywhere in the, or within the review comments.

The feedback from you is very welcome!

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The best planner of the world but some thing remainig yet still. For example 1#writing options with finger on secreen directly 2# fist thing first colour change third options "customise" 3#search options in ...
Umer Usman
It's an amazing app. Some improvements needed. The widget panel in home screen should show the sub goals and the main goal it is part of, so that the goals will be in focus.
hemananda chinara
Love the app! Would like to have section for core values. Not sure if that fits with the covey's instructions. Great job!