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About Back Workout Exercises

This apps will help you understand the back; how it works, and exercises you can use to achieve your bodybuilding or fitness goals.

In bodybuilding, there are three things that you must have in order to have a successful back. They are: upper back thickness, width of the lats, and superb lower back development. Your upper back is the area that ties in your shoulders and arms to the rest of your back. The largest muscle in your upper back is the trapezius.

The thickness will bring your shoulders back and allow you to maintain proper posture, thereby bringing more emphasis to a well-rounded, defined chest.

A more pronounced v-taper shaped back will give the optical illusion that the waist is smaller and the shoulders larger, which are important traits of a good physique.

Here is one of best and favorite back bodybuilding workouts that will set you up for success.

Back Training :

- Barbell deadlift.
- Bent over dumbbell row.
- Bent over barbell row.
- Pull up.
- Seated cable row.

Awesome! Definitely 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ron Barron
Excellent. Little more videos exp
pachaiyappan pachaiYappan
Great app 'you have too do 5 for 8 weeks and than the next 5 and so on
the warrior W