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About Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

'LINE Webtoon's NO.1 Series, 'Noblesse'!
Internationally Renowned Masterpiece with 2.4 Billion Views!
Now in Mobile Idle RPG for the First Time Ever!

# Pre-Register and Receive Exclusive Gifts!
We will be issuing Free Giveaways as we reach certain number of Pre-Registrations!
Gifts include Gems, Summon Tickets, and Character that wins the First Place in Pre-Registration Poll!

# Crazy Action with Stylish Skill Effects!
Unleash Raizel's 'Blood Field' to Enemies!
Special Cutscenes featured when Characters use their Skills!
Just like in the Original Series! Now in Your Hands!

# High-Quality Idle RPG with Carefully Designed Progression!
Keep the Battle Going Anytime and Anywhere, even when you're Offline!
No More Grinding with Automatic Battle System!
Mobile Idle RPG at its fullest!

# Meet All Characters of 'Noblesse'!
Presenting Over 100 Characters within the Game from 12-Year Work of 'Noblesse!'
Join Now and Meet Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka and More!

▶ Contact us
- Feel free to contact us to [email protected] about questions, error reports, and feedbacks.
- We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

※ Caution: Game data can be lost if you delete the game or change your device.

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™ NAVER WEBTOON™, WEBTOON™, LINE WEBTOON™ and WEBTOON logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON?

Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON is a mobile idle RPG game based on the LINE Webtoon's NO.1 Series, 'Noblesse' with over 2.4 billion views worldwide.

What are the exclusive gifts for pre-registering?

Pre-registering for the game will earn you exclusive gifts such as gems, summon tickets, and a character that wins the first place in the pre-registration poll.

What kind of action and skill effects can be seen in the game?

The game features crazy action with stylish skill effects. You can unleash Raizel's 'Blood Field' to enemies, and special cutscenes are featured when characters use their skills, just like in the original series.

What kind of progression system does the game have?

The game has a carefully designed progression system and an automatic battle system, making it a high-quality idle RPG. You can keep the battle going anytime and anywhere, even when you're offline.

How many characters are in the game?

The game presents over 100 characters from the 12-year work of 'Noblesse', including Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka, and more.

How can I contact the game developers?

You can contact the game developers at [email protected] for questions, error reports, and feedback. They will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Is there a caution to be aware of in regards to game data?

Yes, be aware that game data can be lost if you delete the game or change your device.
For Noblesse fan ! It's very wonderful game..
Wawa Zhou
Games feels alot like videogame guardains! Which is good 👍 I would recommend a story plot or goal to achieve to be engaging in the game. As gameplay is repetitive seems endless. Would get vapid soon if noth...
Void 9
Nice game! Love it so much😭❤️
Anastasia Nesya
good and nice i love this game
Kelinci Hebat
Nawaf 380
For everyone wondering devices with low space can crash/lag there will be more characters and missions to come with more items also draw rates will change weekly so better catch draw rate when u can best sav...