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About d20 Character Sheet

d20 Character Sheet consists of two main parts. The Character Sheet to keep track of your character, which you use while playing RPG. The Administration to customize the game setting to your demands. Supported game systems are DnD v.3.5. and Pathfinder. Includes a full online manual:

Character Sheet
* Create, edit and delete Characters
* Export and import of characters, weapons, armor and goods
* Add image and thumbnail of character
* Support prestige classes character
* Support multi class character
* Filterable list of all characters
* Backup and restore to/from cloud and file system

* Name, Player, Race, Sex, Alignment, Class, Level and Experience Points
* Use different XP tables in Pathfinder
* Calculate experience points of next level
* Display advancement of experience points as progress bar

* Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma
* Calculate abilities modificator
* Roll ability checks

* Hit Points, max. Hit Pints, Armor Class
* Calculate Initative, Base Attack Bonus and Armor Class, CMB/Grapple, CMD
* Roll Initative, Base Attack Bonus, CMB/Grapple and CMD

* Store saves
* Calculates base save and ability modifier
* Adds misc modifier
* Roll saving throws

* Sum up your money, by counting your platinum, gold silver and copper coins.

* Enter your rank and misc modifier. The skill modifier is calculated
* List your favorite, trained and all skills
* Add and remove skills from your favorite skills
* Skill rolls are executed by one click

* Add feats to your character
* Read short description of benefit and prerequisit of a feat, without searching in the player handbook

* Add attacks with your favorite weapons
* Roll attacks and damage
* Calculates attack and damage bonus, including feats like Two Weapon Fighting

* Equip characters with weapons, armor and goods
* Choose magic weapons and armor
* Weapons, armor and goods are listed with detailed information, like cost and weight
* Calculate load of character equipment

* Make notes of your adventures and store them by your character.

Race Abilities
* Lists racie abilities with description
* Filter race abilities by name

Class Abilities
* Lists abilities of classes with level and description
* Filter class abilities by class level and name

Known Spells
* List all spells
* Mark your known spells of each spell list
* Read detailed information about each spell

Spell Slots
* List of spell slots
* Select your prepared spells out of your known spells
* Mark your prepared spells as cast
* Support of metamagic feats
* Rest to refresh your cast spells

The Administration allows you to customize everything in the game, making it unique to your campain.

* Races
* Character Classes
* Abilities
* Skills
* Feats
* Weapons
* Armor
* Goods
* Spells
* Spell Lists

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