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About Cyberpunk Red Companion

- Character Creation & Management
- Stats & Skills
- Inventory
- Basic Combat

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Cyberpunk Red Companion about?

The Cyberpunk Red Companion is a resource guide that covers topics such as character creation and management, stats and skills, inventory, and basic combat.

What does the Cyberpunk Red Companion cover in terms of character creation and management?

The Cyberpunk Red Companion provides information and guidance on creating and managing characters within the Cyberpunk Red game system.

What does the Cyberpunk Red Companion cover in terms of stats and skills?

The Cyberpunk Red Companion delves into the various stats and skills that players can utilize in the Cyberpunk Red game system.

What information does the Cyberpunk Red Companion provide about inventory?

The Cyberpunk Red Companion offers insight and details on how inventory works within the Cyberpunk Red game system, including equipment, items, and their management.

What does the Cyberpunk Red Companion cover in terms of basic combat?

The Cyberpunk Red Companion provides an overview of basic combat mechanics and rules, helping players navigate combat situations within the Cyberpunk Red game system.
Its really good, but it doesnt deplete money or humanity when adding items or cyberware, but their updating this so it will be fine.
Gamer nerd
Could use a way to customise character images but dear lordt do I love this
Adelaide Taylor
Having played around with TTRPG companion apps, I'm constantly frustrated with clunky UI or lack of depth. CP Red is the first Char Sheet app that feels like at least one person considered how to present the...
Logan Schoessler
Fantastic app! Makes managing my character so easy! The only thing I would say is missing is a way to upload your own custom images for the character portrait. Other than that, the app is awesome!
Gustavo Agosto
This app is really great. I'd love to see a quick button added to the combat tab for evasion in the future, that would make it even better.
Bubblegum Hangover
Its been super helpful for me as a beginner GM to this game, keeping some of my NPC's skills and stats handy. Although, I wish there was a way to add NPC preloads, like Private Security and such. Right now, ...
William Huddleston