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About Stat Together: Volleyball

Unlike other apps where one person has to juggle every stat, Stat Together lets you get your team managers in on the action to make sure no swing, block or dig gets missed. Everyone can stat on their own device at the same time and results are displayed instantly.

Stat Together doesn't need any processing time, just an active internet connection. Coaches and managers can always see stats right away - even higher analytics like shot charts and side-out percentage.

No more adding up stats one by one and typing them in manually. Stat Together generates a single file you can upload to Max Preps to make stat entry a breeze

Parents and fans can download Stat Together to view the team's record and stats. Unlike other apps, you can add as many fans as you'd like, completely free! Team Fans cannot edit any stats or results - only view.

Use our partner app "Stat Together: Streaming" to stream live video WITH a scoreboard to your fans. As you keep stats in this app, your live video updates automatically. No extra work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Stat Together allow multiple people to take stats at the same time?

Stat Together allows team managers to stat on their own devices simultaneously, ensuring no swing, block, or dig gets missed.

Can coaches and managers access game insights immediately with Stat Together?

Yes, with an active internet connection, coaches and managers can instantly view stats, including advanced analytics like shot charts and side-out percentage.

Does Stat Together simplify the process of entering stats into Max Preps?

Yes, Stat Together generates a single file that can be directly uploaded to Max Preps, eliminating the need to manually add up stats one by one and type them in.

Can parents and fans access the team's record and stats with Stat Together?

Yes, parents and fans can download Stat Together and view the team's record and stats. They can be added as fans for free, with the ability to view but not edit any stats or results.

Does Stat Together offer a live video streaming feature?

Yes, by using the partner app "Stat Together: Streaming," users can live stream video with a scoreboard to their fans. The live video automatically updates as stats are kept in the app, eliminating the need for extra work.