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About TaxiUbber Rally Free

TaxiUbber Rally is an awesome top view 2D race game with 12 cars. One car is controlled by the player and the other 11 cars by CPU. Cars controlled by the computer can be Taxis and also that other service with black cars... what is the name of that service? Let's call it "Ubbers".

Taxis and "Ubbers" compete with the player on 10 GPs for the championship. Would you be good enough to be the first place?

But wait, there is a catch: CPU cars can become Taxi or "Ubbers" during the race! That's right! When a CPU car is ahead of you in the race, he will turn into Taxi, acting all stupid, slow and aggressive. But when you are ahead, CPU cars turn into "Ubbers", faster but easy-going.

And do not let a taxi car lap you, because in that case it's Game Over!

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This is really good very interesting keep it up
Rosh Michael
Love this taxi racing game like it.
Frank Line
Really nice racing game with different routes and maps..liked playing it!
Vrunda Karmarkar