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About Securitas New Track&Trace

Securitas Mobile Viewer for Securitas Communicator, gives you secure and instant access to your assets locations from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.
This app allows you to securely monitor the actual and historical locations of your cars, personnel and/or assets which are provided with a supported Track & Trace device. When a device is set to and is capable of registering activities, these activities e.g. trips or sessions are listed separately and can be marked 'private' or 'business' and a comment can be added for future reference.
Create an instant geofence around your parked car or docked boat etc. and get instantly notified when they are moving outside your defined geofence.

Main features:
- Real time positions of your Track&Trace assets.
- View the positional history of your assets.
- Instant creation of a geofence around your assets.
- List your 10 latest trips / sessions and mark them private or business trips and add a comment.
- Step by step navigation to a selected asset by use of Google maps.