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About Hero: Future Contest

Experience the ultimate hero contest. Face off against a villain, unlock all your skills and go beyond the possible rope war! You are a hero, you have to find the angry criminal, who have escaped from the prison. The villain has a cruel plan to kidnap your girlfriend. Stop him! Your main mission is to catch the criminal and save people! Call up for the police to let them take him away while you deal with the mightiest super villain to prevent the total destruction!

Embark on exciting journey.
Fly over the realistic city.
Climb up the highest building.
Receive bonuses and challenge vile villain!
Explore dynamic missions and complete all the quests!
Check special quest maps and receive tips.
Strategize your survival plan.
Improve your abilities and special moves .

Es the best bc you have gunz and i play this for 1 year and you cant do taks and steal cars of people
Maria Ayala
This game is very very good
Jhfjn Hjju