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About AmazingRDP - Buy Streaming RDP & Full Admin VPS

AmazingRDP was formed with a motive to give Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) to people at very less and effective cost. We believe in customer satisfaction that’s why we never overload users in a single server. Buy RDP & Private Server with full root admin access at a very reasonable rate and pay using your favorite payment mode.

Use this app to manage your account and easily get a notification when your invoice due is around.

Want to stream on facebook and youtube? > We are providing high bitrate streaming RDP which you can check under our encoding plan.

Now complete a heavy task and use 1 Gbps downloading speed with our high-end RDP.

AmazingRDP provides easy, fast and secure remote access and is already been used by users worldwide.

Key Features: 
• Register and manage RDP
• Manage Tickets and Invoice
• Get notification of overdue and support replies.
• Search, Browse and purchase with one click
• Use your favorite application 24*7 on our server and get up to 99% uptime. 
• Direct Chat Support for WhatsApp users

We understand your need and desire to manage your RDP account on the go. That is why we have launched our official Android app.

Why Choose Us?
- 99% Uptime Guarantee
- Affordable Prices
- SSD Space only for best performance
- Full Root Admin Access
-  Secure with SSL and DDoS Protection
- No Overloaded Servers
- Live Chat & Whatsapp Chat
- Sound and HD video transmission in real-time
- Money Back Guarantee!
- Plus so much more …

A quick guide to use RDP on Smartphone:
1. Install Our Application and purchase your desired plan.
2. Now You can find your server details which you need to connect in your account area.
3. Now Use it in your favorite remote instance.

For more details reach out to us at [email protected] or visit

This is great app and quite helpful.
micky micky
great and awesome service verybefficent to use all the services and less time consuming
Pa Rush
Good service
Akanni moses