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About Alphaletz, smart app for landlords

Alphaletz is the ultimate smart app to help landlords increase cashflow, reduce voids and manage income, expenses and tenants from anywhere

Use our mobile and desktop app to simplify your finances and organise your entire rental property business, without spending hours on admin

Everything you need to stay organised and handle compliance

Alphaletz centralises all the important information about your business, so you can manage your properties without a single spreadsheet.

Whatever you need to know, the Alphaletz app will keep you in control and organised from any device, saving you time, reducing voids and intelligently helping you manage tasks and stay compliant.

Track properties, tenants, suppliers, income, expenses, reports, documents, notes, tasks and more with all your information in your pocket!

App features:

Every feature synced up through the cloud for web and mobile access
Easily Track arrears and cashflow
Set alerts for any type of task such as tenancy renewals and safety certificates
Export data ready formatted to save hours at tax time
Take photos of your receipts and properties and upload into the app as you go
Document management of files associated to properties, tenants and suppliers.
Click to call, text or email straight from the tenant or supplier contact information.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Alphaletz?

Alphaletz is a smart app for landlords that helps them increase cashflow, reduce voids, and manage income, expenses, and tenants from anywhere.

How does Alphaletz simplify finances for landlords?

Alphaletz provides a mobile and desktop app that simplifies finances for landlords, allowing them to organize their entire rental property business without spending hours on administrative tasks.

Can Alphaletz help with compliance?

Yes, Alphaletz centralizes all important information about the landlord's business, helping them handle compliance and stay organized without the need for spreadsheets.

What features does the Alphaletz app have?

The Alphaletz app offers features such as synced cloud access on web and mobile, easy tracking of arrears and cashflow, task alerts (e.g., tenancy renewals and safety certificates), data export formatted for tax purposes, receipt and property photo uploads, and document management for files associated with properties, tenants, and suppliers.

How can I contact tenants or suppliers using Alphaletz?

Alphaletz allows you to click to call, text, or email directly from the tenant or supplier contact information within the app.
So delighted to find this App. The App makes short work of entry and updates on leases and rental payments as well as keeping track of compliance data . There is so much I can use in this App once I've enter...
Jo Jo Pinkerton
I love the way I can see all my property rental detail in one place and link my tenants, suppliers and contacts to the property. This app works great and saves me hours!
Richard Jackson